Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services to improve heart health by advocating for the elimination of trans fat from food supply in Cameroon

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services in collaboration with Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies, have taken a commitment to support policy efforts to eliminate trans fat, a harmful additive, from food in Cameroon. In this regard, the CBC Health Services will conduct a population-based survey to estimate trans fat consumption using an advocacy strategy developed with members from consumer groups, the Ministry of Trade, industry groups and others.

This project will generate data on trans fat consumption in Cameroon by collecting food diaries in urban and rural districts in the North West, South West, Centre, West and Adawama Region. The CBC Health Services will also measure the amount of trans fats found in pre-prepared and other packaged foods identified in the food diaries. Based on their findings, the CBC Health Services will help draft trans fat elimination policies and organize consultative meetings and workshops with stakeholders in government and industry to secure buy-in.

Trans fats, which can be found in cakes, cookies, biscuits, packaged foods, cooking oils and spreads, are responsible for over half a million deaths globally. Although 41 countries have successfully protected their people by passing best practice trans fat elimination policies, Cameroon has not yet made a country commitment and there are no regulations limiting trans fats in the country’s food supply. This project is an important first step to creating policies that will protect Cameroon from the dangers of trans fat in foods.

“Trans fats should have no place in our diets,”  “However, eliminating trans fats in our foods is no easy task, we must collaborate with our partners in Government and in the food industry to make this undertaking a joint vision and goal.” Prof. Tih Pius Muffih.

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