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Newsletter: Vol.1 Issue 009, May, June 2020
Upholding physical exercise in the time of COVID 19

In many places, sporting, recreational activities, and other outdoor events have been suspended or significantly reduced in concert with recommendations to curb the spread of COVID-19. Cameroon was poised to host the African Nation’s Champions (CHAN) 2020, but this event has now been postponed indefinitely. The Friday weekly joint exercise and ‘Exercise for Health’ Competition by the CBC Health Services has been suspended.

Living with NCDs is not cheap. How expensive is it, really?
Every month I spend over 28,000 Francs (48 USD) to refill my medications for diabetes and hypertension”, recounts Joan (not her real name), a 63-year old retired agricultural/community development technician, who…

Cameroon: Myths and NCDs

Misconceptions concerning NCDs and purported remedies are rampant in our communities and may pose an important barrier to curbing the growing burden of NCDs. These beliefs and false claims, albeit unfounded, are strongly held and seek to usurp conventional care which is proven in terms of safety and efficacy.

We will be highlighting and dispelling some of these beliefs in every edition of our Newsletter (these assertions have been paraphrased for clarity and coherence);


I was told that anything bitter is a form of treatment for diabetes so i drank Guinness which is bitter, instead, my blood sugar became so high, I had to be admitted in a hospital.””.

VOICES on Physical Exercise

Christa Njerim, Bamenda

 “since our Friday weekly exercise at the Baptist Center got suspended due to the COVID 19 pandemic, I have been experiencing neck ache and general discomfort which I use to have before I joined the exercises. The exercises made me to lose weight and psychologically, I felt healthier compared to now”. 

Grace Ndzi, Bamenda

  “For about a month now, I have been making use of exercise videos and a jump rope to sweat off and burn the abs, in my room, about 3 times a week”.

Mirene kila, Bamenda

 “It is very important for our Friday sporting activity at the Baptist center to start running again. It could be arranged in such a way that each department has their own day or time for exercise, by so doing, fewer people will be on the pitch, physical distancing will be maintained and everyone will exercise”.

Jefta Gwe, Buea

 “It is impossible to practice physical distance while playing competitive encounters e.g. the champion’s league has started, and you can see players having encounters with each other. For me the solution is screening all players for COVID-19.”


Chick Enjeck, Bamenda

 “I avoid going to the gym during this period because most of the gyms we have here don’t have enough space to accommodate all its users while respecting the physical distance, so I exercise with our outdoor clubs and remain very conscious when exercising”


Elvis Munjo, Bamenda

 “Yes, no more contact exercises, l do mostly individual exercises alone like jogging, skipping and stair climbing.”


 Get ready for this year's Global Week for Action on NCDs! It's time to #ActOnNCDs

We are excited to share that the official two-month countdown to the Global Week for Action on NCDs from 7-13 September 2020 has begun!

This year is particularly special. From 2020, the Global Week for Action on NCDs will draw on the energy, inspiration, and determination generated since its first edition in 2018, and add an extra dose of action-oriented optimism - with a brand new website and visual approach to reflect the evolution and future of the campaign!

We've also revealed this year's campaign theme - ACCOUNTABILITY! We intend to build on last year's success which reached over 2.4 million people in 88 countries on Twitter alone.

Are you ready to #ActOnNCDs? Watch this space for more updates, new branding and resources very soon!


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