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Sustaining the momentum toward universal health coverage in Africa 

Tackling NCDs constitute one of the key drivers to Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Strategies for this should be a key thrust for the UHC High Level Meeting outcome. When we talk on important issues, we solve health problems that are menacing. Faith Based Organizations are part of the solution to Chronic conditions. Ensuring prevention and care from time immemorial. Reiterates CBC Health Services NCD-Prevention and Control Program Coordinator Ferdinant Mbiydzenyuy at the Novartis Stakeholders dialogue.

The first pan-African Novartis Social Business stakeholder dialogue took place in Kampala, Uganda, on March 20, 2019.

Imagine you are born already facing a number of setbacks in life. Imagine you lose out on the health benefits of breastfeeding when you are an infant, because you are the sixth child in the family and your mother has to work because she is struggling to make ends meet.

Imagine that when you try to go to school, illness and chores mean you have to miss class.

Imagine you face a high risk of teenage pregnancy. The only family planning advice available to you is at the local health centre, where you may not feel comfortable approaching the midwife. Imagine you cannot otherwise access reproductive health services except at a chemist, where contraception is available - but at a price you cannot afford. Your country does not have universal health coverage (UHC). You are not covered by health insurance. So you have to go without. Read more link is external (Link

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NCD Prevention and Control Program Bent on stemming the tides with Peer educators
The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services’ NCD Prevention and Control Program has trained some 14 community PEER Educators to support Diabetes and Hypertension patient care. This took place in Yaounde on the 16th and 17th of April 2019. According to an Abstract released by the Journal of Global Health reports on Pilot Peers Health Education for non-communicable diseases prevention by... 
District Dialogue Structures commit to Strengthen Community Involvement in the Prevention and Control of NCDs in 10 districts in Cameroon
This comes as a result of a one day advocacy meeting organized by the NCD Prevention and Control program of the CBC Health Services in Yaounde on the 13th of…
Know Your Numbers: An Upcoming Hot Cake Approach to preventing Silent Killers
Titles of movies are sometimes very impressive but when it comes to diseases, no one wants to be impressed with the reality of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes...
KYN saved my family from bad choices
Cameroon which is generally referred to as Africa in miniature because of its diversity also prides itself to be a melting pot of several cultures. These cultures come with its sets of norms that sometimes acts as the fertile ground for NCDs. In Nkwen community for example where Ramatu hails from...
Deadline for submission is 31st May 2019 The AMA Journal of Ethics® is producing a theme issue dedicated to examining the complex ethics in the inequity in global cancer prevention.  Cancer is predicted to be the number one killer in the 21st century and 70% of the cancer burden is concentrated in LMICs. 30-50% are preventable, but prevention efforts are often neglected. With so much focus appropriately turned toward tackling NCDs, this issue comes at an opportune time.  The scope of the focus covers both the pediatric and adult populations in categories of bioethics, public health, research, policy, law, and education (no background in ethics is required).  Presently there is an open call for papers! There is a deadline of May 31st 2019 for submissions.” I am hoping that you will consider reviewing the call and submitting, as well as helping to distribute widely among your professional networks. Additionally, my hope is to have a strong representation of voices from LMICs! There is no fee for submission or publication” Zachary Tabb Editorial Fellow with the AMA Journal of Ethics®.  More information can be found here: (scroll to the February 2020 issue). There are so many great voices in the CUGH community that I know would be valuable additions to raising awareness in this neglected arena.   For any questions contact Zachary Tabb <>

IDF selfie campaign on Universal Health Coverage

The International Diabetes Federation requests Your Support

Dear IDF Member,

We are reaching out to request your support in disseminating the IDF selfie campaign on Universal Health Coverage we have launched, to raise awareness about the need to ensure affordable essential diabetes care for everyone, everywhere.

How to participate

Information about why we have developed this selfie campaign and how to participate in it can be found here:

Examples of selfies

You can find the selfies we have already received in this Flickr gallery:

How to support this campaign

You can support IDF by:

Sharing this email with information about how to participate in the selfie campaign with your network

If you or someone in your team has diabetes, submitting a selfie for the campaign

If you have social media channels, sharing with your network the selfies that IDF will post on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and, if possible, translate them to your national language)

Do not hesitate in contacting if you have any questions or comments. We thank you in advance for your support.

 Kind regards,

 IDF Advocacy team

 Resolve To Save Lives Announces US$1.25 Million In Grants To Promote Heart Health In Low-And Middle-Income Countries.

The CBC Health services (CBCHS) has been selected as one of these organizations to promote heart health in Cameroon. In the days ahead the CBCHS will be running this project with support from LINKS to “Standardize hypertension care and specialist services in five main health service facilities, develop electronic health management information system, and improve patient retention and care through clinic visits and community-based follow-up”.

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