Newsletter: Vol.1 Issue 003, January, 2019

Dear readers, I wish to heartily appreciate you for always taking time to read about NCDs especially though the NCD Voice Newsletter. It is great to see the feedback that has come in through your appreciations.

As you already know, the intension is to make sure that you are updated with all information on NCD issues and CBCHS’ involvements but also so that you can continue to learn and partner with the program in meaningful ways to achieve the overall goal of reducing mortality, sicknesses and disability resulting from NCDS.

Please forward the newsletter to your contacts and encourage them to subscribe directly on the website. We look forward to testimonies of your own impact through the impact of the NCD Voice.

Our encouragement is that you get back to us on any issues related to the newsletter using the email and we shall address the issues directly with you or your group concerned. You can also request service opportunities such as Cervical Cancer Screening, KYN, NCD Awareness, etc. Please don’t hesitate to get back to us.

Best regards

Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, MPH, PH

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Cameroonians should know more about NCDs!
Despite sufferings and deaths from Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Cameroon, many know little or nothing about them . Through the Know Your Numbers (KYN) initiative supported by Novartis Access, the…
“How I overcame the urge to more than 30 sticks of cigarettes a day” my story
My name is Tachuiekue Jean but I am popularly known as “Tanyi” because I am married with three set of twins. I am a bike rider and I used to…
Data clerks of the NCD Prevention and Control Program (NCDPCP) recently had one day training on NCD DAMA, on the 30th of January 2019.

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Know Your Numbers

NCDs develop silently and no one knows they have an NCD until complications set in. You need to constantly know your numbers as a lifestyle. This is because we live, move and stay within the risk exposures. Until our government and society as a whole do something about unhealthy diets, tobacco smoke, alcohol and physical inactivity, 6 months is too much for you not to know your vital health status. We encourage everyone to check their Blood Pressure, Blood sugar and Waist Circumference. Visit any CBC Health Services Facility (Mbingo Annex) to know Your Numbers and assure your health

2019 Conference on Metastatic Breast Cancer
 Thriving Together April 5-7 at Philadelphia, PA 

For thirteen years, the Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference has been providing women, men and families living with metastatic breast cancer with a safe, collaborative environment to gather information and discover practical resources they need to make decisions for their physical and emotional health. Each year, over 350 people living with MBC and their caregivers gather to learn more about living well – physically, emotionally and spiritually – with metastatic breast cancer.

Together, let us beat breast Cancer by taking advantage of this opportunity: register now


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